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The Moose Jaw Radio Model Airplane Control Club was first started by Len Trieber in
1968. Len owned and operated The Hobby Centre in down town Moose Jaw.
I joined up with Len in 1968 and the original flying area was located on city owned
property right where the Bonanza Restaurant is located today. At the time that area
was an old horse pasture fenced off with barbed wire extending north as far as
where the car dealership is located today. And, oh yes, there were horses running
loose in the pasture, so we had a gate to the entrance at the south west corner of
the pasture and had to open the gate to gain entrance and then close it again after
we drove into the pasture so that the horses wouldn’t get out. I must say the horses
were very accommodating to the fliers and always stayed as far north from the flying
area as possible. Whether it was from the noise of the engines that they didn’t like,
or that they just liked to watch the planes flying from a distance!
Then in 1972 we were evicted from that area due to the city opening the area for
commercial development.
Len Trieber was instrumental in negotiating with the city to acquire the present
location of the Moose Jaw Radio Model Airplane Club on Hamilton Flats.
This area when first obtained was another horse pasture and required many hours of
preparation to turn it into a respectable flying area as it was all gopher holes and
huge bumps among tall grass.
At this time in my life I still owned a diesel farm tractor, so Len rented a pull type
road grader and we attached it to my tractor and spent many hours levelling the
ground to make a take-off and landing area. At first the levelled off area was just a
dusty piece of prairie and eventually was seeded to grass with a sprinkler system
As the Club membership increased, more renovations were added to the area with
trees being planted to the south of the flying area.
In the spring of 1974 Moose Jaw had to deal with a flood that completely covered
Hamilton Flats. The area of Hamilton Flats was declared a flood area and was
assigned as a sports area only. That is when the ball diamonds developed east of our
flying area which is what it is today!

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Moose Jaw R/C Flying Field

West of Hamilton Flats

Access off of Ash St via 16th Ave SW

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